Sunday, June 15, 2003

It's chilly right now but it felt like summer last night.

After dinner, we took off to Gananoque to the casino. It's been open for over a year but we'd only been once before. Part of the reason we'd not been back is the smoke. Kingston now has a no-smoking bylaw in public places but Gananoque didn't adopt it. Also, it's a really tiny casino (the smallest one I've ever been in) and we didn't remember seeing a non-smoking section (the Hull Casino has a huge one!). We went fairly early in the evening and figured that the smoke wouldn't be too bad because there wouldn't be as many Americans as usual because of the SARS scare. We were right about that. When we pulled into the parking lot I only saw one car with New York plates on it, and another from Massachusetts.

When we got into the building, we discovered that a small back corner was designated non-smoking. Now, personally, this doesn't make sense to me that you have to walk through the entire smoke-filled room to get to the non-smoking part but I take what I can get. Anyway, we each had $20 to spend. I love the slot machines, I'm not a table games kind of person. Mark loves the poker machines. Unfortunately, there weren't any poker machines in the non-smoking section. We had a really good time anyway. We ended up playing the twenty-five cent machines and, after an hour of playing came out with a dollar more than we went in with. It was a lot of fun. We drove back through Gan and along highway 2. It was still light out when we left (we left while were up the loonie!) and we were back home by 8:30 or so.

We'll probably do that again over the summer. It was a great time. I mean, I always enjoy casinos but it's way more fun when all it cost you was the gas to get there!

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