Friday, February 01, 2008

something about this corner

something about this corner
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did you have a good snowday?

I went out and shoveled twice but it was just the porch, steps and walkway out front and the deck out back. Normally, I don't worry about the deck but we're in an out of there right now, with the dog so it needed some attention or it would have literally frozen closed today. the snow was up over the bottom part of the door when I cleared it up. This afternoon we have been experiencing some freezing rain action so it definitely would been impossible to get outside.

As it is, we cannot see out of the windows that are located on the northern and eastern sides of the house. It's sort of interesting. Our fabutastic neighbour Tommy plowed out the driveway so we're in pretty good shape.

As snowdays go, this was a good one. We did very little, watched some tv, vegged out mostly. It was nice. I also didn't do one thing that was on my weekend "to do" list but I still have 2 more days of weekend left to worry about that.

I really wish that they didn't have to bleep this (cuz it's just weird watching Sarah and hearing the bleeps - oh, and I because I think that censorship sucks) but it's still pretty funny.

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