Thursday, February 07, 2008

stacked up lunch

stacked up lunch
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Folks are dropping like flies this week. Over in our central admin building (where I don't have to be much anymore), I keep hearing about folks getting sick. Some of them have had a bizarre stomach bug, others have suffered terrible colds, pneumonia, serious shit.

Around our little office today, I kept hearing "I think I'm getting sick." I'd holler across the room "no you're not" and shove the anti-bacterial gel at them. Sometimes the bugs really do get you but other times, you let yourself get got.

I've been sneezing a bit lately, been feeling stuffed up a bit too. I'm not giving into it though. I just try to keep my fluids up and sleep as much as I can. It seems to be helping. I eat a lot of carrots too. Not sure if that helps but they are crunchy and sweet and are full of good stuff so they can't hurt, right?

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Sueellen said...

I love the antibacterial gel! I keep a bottle of it on my desk so anyone that comes in can use it! :-)