Friday, February 08, 2008

mid-day news

I was supposed to have a lunch date but my date had to leave work early to tend to her sick daughter. It's a good excuse I suppose. The last time she ditched me for lunch it was to go to an ultrasound appointment (she's pregnant) so, yeah, she doesn't ditch without good reasons.

In the end, it worked out okay anyway because I have a bunch of little things I'm trying to get off my "to do" list today and it's been slow going. All week, I've been getting stuff done but not necessarily the things I really wanted to do. I really truly feel like this is my job now (after almost 5 weeks). Once you know what you're supposed to be doing and you know when it's not happening, that is when you know the job is truly yours.

This morning I heard that they have finally filled my old job. The person who got it is someone I know and I'm happy for her. She was on a contract and this is a "continuing appointment" for her. I'm really happy for her although it seemed to take forever to get the job filled. I gave them 6 weeks notice and have been in my job for 5 weeks so...

In other news, it seems to be snowing again. Snowing still? It's been very snowy here lately and really, it looks very "Canadian" outside. I guess this is a good thing because hey, we are in Canada afterall.

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Sueellen said...

Did I miss something - when did you leave your old job and what are you doing now? LOL I am trying to get all caught up! :-)

I have changed jobs too - I stayed with the organization but left our client services department to work in HR. Am loving the new spot!