Monday, February 11, 2008

bella helps with dinner

bella helps with dinner
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Primarily, Bella's role in dinner preparation is that of floor inspector. She likes to spend as much time between Mark and the stove as possible. If something splatters or drops onto the floor, she's there to make sure it doesn't make a mess.

She's been such a good houseguest. I can't believe that she'll have been here 2 weeks on Wednesday. On the weekend, in the middle of some snow flurries, we took her out with us to do some errands. She's a country dog and I don't think she spends a lot of time in town so driving around the city, stopping at different spots while one or the other of us ran in and out seemed to amuse her.

On our way out of the house, I threw a couple of doggie treats into a ziplock bag and placed it in my purse. I figured if she got away from us somehow, she'd come back for the cookie (cuz she's a whore like that). It didn't happen that she ran away but boy, she sure picked up the cookie scent after a few minutes in the van. Ever since then, she looks at my bag with a hungry stare whenever I pick it up.

We had a really quiet weekend which was nice. Mark was working on the computers yesterday while I did laundry. On Saturday, besides errands, we ripped the living room apart. We wanted to reconfigure our entertainment unit thing. When we bought our new TV in December, we just threw it on the shelf. We didn't want to tear everything apart until some cables came in for it (I'd ordered some from eBay). Anyway, this weekend we finally got it sorted out. It was a huge job but it was well worth it. I was able to do a proper clean in the corner where the unit is (the kind you can only do when the furniture is moved) and we're really happy about the height of the tv now.

So yeah, that's the news. Exciting stuff huh??

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