Saturday, February 02, 2008


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We had another huge dumping of snow overnight last night.

I was a little surprised to see how deep it was when I got up this morning. You couldn't even tell that we'd been all dug out yesterday, it looked like we had been sitting around on duffs just watching it fall.

I got out early and did the front porch and our little walk way. It seemed to take me forever to get just that much done because the bottom half of the snow was really icy and frozen because of the freezing rain we'd received.

Our lovely neighbour plowed us out and Mark got the van out onto the road. Tommy (our plowing neighbour) did an amazing job on our house and he even got all of the snow away from our house and our next door neighbour's house. When it melts, it shouldn't be flowing into our basement now!

It was kind of cool actually, this morning, seeing everyone in the neighbourhood helping dig each other out. A crappy storm does seem to bring out the best in folks.

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