Tuesday, February 05, 2008

really? Texas!?

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Disgust is a strong word I guess. Disappointment might be better. I just turned off the Weather Channel after hearing about another winter storm watch/warning/thingy.

This time, Texas is sending some nasty stuff our way. Apparently, we could see rain, freezing rain and snow overnight.

Don't get me wrong now, I love living where I do. I like the change in the seasons and I think that nothing is prettier than a fresh blanket of snow. Right now though, there are brown mounds of melting slushy mess everywhere. It's tough to walk around the huge puddles from the melting snow and it'll probably be worse tomorrow.

I kind of wish that winter would stay wintery. I wish that things would be pretty and crisp and clean. I wish that the canal would stay frozen in Ottawa so folks could skate safely. I guess I wish that we'd have a normal winter for once. that would be nice.

/bitchy moan

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