Sunday, February 17, 2008

pink grapefruit

Yesterday, I bought myself a big pink grapefruit. I think I will eat it for breakfast this morning. I purchased only one because, while I love them a lot, if I eat too many of them I'll get a canker and I don't want that to happen. I just mention it here because it seems to be a particularly nice grapefruit and I haven't had one in a while.

Today, so far, I'm feeling marginally better than I did yesterday. Whatever bug I had been attacked by earlier in the week seemed to creep up on me again and I felt off all day. At times, I felt downright nauseous. I dragged Mark out and around the shoppes with me as I needed to do a bunch of errands but didn't trust myself to drive.

He's a good sport about that sort of thing. Over the next couple of weeks, I have some care packages to send off and some pregnant ladies to shower gifts on so I needed to get started on that. The care package items and the baby things made think about spring. I think that this year I'm looking forward to it more than I have in a while. The many feet of snow on the ground is contributing to that I believe. We are currently huddled in the house, waiting for some freezing rain to fall upon us. Freezing rain warnings make thoughts of tulips all the more sweet, don't you think?

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