Tuesday, February 26, 2008

bugged out

Mark seems to have picked up something again.

Last night he felt a little achey and when he woke up this morning, he felt like hammered shit. I made him stay home and go back to bed. He slept for about 8 hours today. We went out for noodle soup at "our" little Vietnamese place around the corner. It seems to have cleared his head which is good.

As I type this, Bella seems to think that she has a mouse trapped behind the stove. If it is there (or was there), it's totally going to go back from whence it came (if it hasn't already). In the meantime, she's totally torturing herself trying to get at it. If she doesn't abandon it soon, she'll miss da Idol. Sheesh. Silly pup. Seriously though, if it is there, I really hope she doesn't catch it. I don't want to see a maimed mouse tonight.

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