Wednesday, February 06, 2008

snow day

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Today was not a snow day for me but all of the buses (school buses anyway) were cancelled here in town.

Earlier today, I spoke with a friend of mine on the phone. She lives in the country and normally drives her children to school (it's on her way to work). This morning, her husband's 10 minute drive to work took 45 minutes so she stayed home.

She called me at the office to see how the roads were in town. I could hear in her voice that she'd really rather have taken the kids to school. Her sons had been asked to clean up their rooms before they could go outside and play in the snow.

They were throwing such a fit in the background that I had to laugh. Her children are normally very well behaved so it was somewhat amusing and somewhat surprising. Sort of made me feel relieved that this wasn't something I have to deal with.

In the long run too, the freezing rain we were supposed to get (which is why the buses stayed off of the roads) never happened so they could have probably gone to school.

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