Tuesday, January 01, 2008

new year's snow storm

new year's snow storm
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Once again, we are buried under a thick blanket snow. At least the weather has been having the good sense to dump on us when there are holidays and weekends. Storms on non-traditional work days does help to keep the number of serious accidents down.

We had a quiet little new years here at home. I spent almost all day yesterday packing up christmas and doing housework. Mark worked all day and had planned to work early this morning (going out at 3 a.m. to catch the end of the party rush) but last night when we saw the weather forecast, he changed his mind.

I'm so glad that he didn't work. I don't know what the main roads are like but it's been snowing here all day (and the snowfall warning has been extended so goodness only knows how much longer it'll continue) and the plow has not been down our street yet. I've only seen one or two vehicles go up the street all day. Our driveway is in pretty good shape - our neighbour plowed it out early this afternoon. Tomorrow morning it shouldn't take us long to clean up the rest.

Last night, we watched some season 3 episodes of the Office and then saw Dick Clark and the whole ball drop shebang from New York. Dick looks good considering all he's been through but watching him was a little sad all the same.

Anyway, we're trying to get back on schedule tonight so I will be heading off to bed soon. Hope you all had a happy new year's eve and wish you the very very best for 2008!!

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