Thursday, January 03, 2008

stupid is as stupid does

christmas night
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I think that the cold weather has created a frozen brain phenomenon.

Earlier today, we went out to do a couple of errands and it seemed like everywhere we went, folks were moving in slow motion. I know that I wasn't moving super fast (which may have made it seem like folks were moving more slowly than they actually were), some folks seemed to be moving backward they were wandering around so slowly.

Going out earlier in the day, I figured that it wouldn't have been as busy as it would be during the post-work-day time slot. I don't call it a rush hour around here because Kingston doesn't really experience anything close to what rush hour looks like in a bigger city.

It actually was a little comical after a while. It seemed like many customers at costco were having trouble driving their buggies around. We witnessed many near-miss incidents in the produce section.

Outside in the parking lot was more frightening because of the snow. When we were walking around the parking lot, I noticed that a lot of drivers (primarily women - sorry girls) seemed frightened to be driving. They had this weird look of fear in their eyes and were gripping the steering wheels like they would fly out of the vehicle if they let go. Personally, I think if driving makes you so nervous that it shows in your face and your body language, it's probably not a good idea for you to be out in traffic. I say this all of the time, I know, and I know that I complain about the stupid a lot but seriously, when you are out in public, wake up!

The temperature is suppose to start to rise tonight. Hopefully if things thaw out a little bit, folks will perk up a smidgen.

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