Wednesday, January 02, 2008

snow fence

snow fence
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it's cold enough to freeze your winnebago!

I cannot get over how chilly it was today. It was a lovely bright sunny day, the snow was sparkly and the temperature was just this side of making the snot freeze in your nose. Not to obsess over the weather too much (because, you know, there is no such thing as climate change), it's supposed to go up to plus 13 next week. Minus 25 today, plus 13 on Tuesday. Insanity.

Mark went back to work today. I head back on Monday. Today I did some more decluttering. When I packed up the ornaments and tree and stuff, I'd forgotten to put all the wrapping stuff away. I now have a huge (organized) bag of wrapping paper, tissue, gift bags, ribbon, tags. It's all ready for next year. Our gifts are all put away now too.

Tomorrow morning I plan to get my laundry room sorted out (it's where I store all of this stuff - at the moment, it's just stacked up in the basement) and do a little more housework. I'd like to spend the next two days cleaning and have the weekend free to put my feet up. If the weather cooperates, I'd like to get a movie on Saturday. We've had a pair of passes that we picked up at the CAA last summer and it would be nice to use them to see either Juno or Charlie Wilson's War.

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