Thursday, January 31, 2008

liberating exhaustion

There is something sort of liberating about being a calm center in the midst of a mob of folks who are freaking out.

Since 4:47 a.m. today, Environment Canada has been reporting winter storm watches. We are supposed to be getting a huge dump of snow tonight, or tomorrow at sometime. Unfortunately, before this warning was issued, Mark and I had already decided to do our errands tonight. We were out doing our errands with half of the city I think.

Last night, we stuck around the house waiting for Bella to arrive. We could have gone out after she arrived but 1 - I think that would have been shitty to leave her in an empty house on her first evening here and 2 - Mark was completely fried from driving a cab in white out conditions all day.

A couple of places we went to (the pet store for fish food and doggie treats and the dollar store for some work stuff) weren't overly busy. The grocery store though, and the bulk barn, nutso. Folks were freaking out. I saw a woman at the grocery store pile 4 huge packages of toilet paper in her cart. I'm not sure if she's thinking that she'll be snowed in until spring but she had this terrified look in her eyes that was a little disturbing.

Fortunately for us, we only needed a few things so we could roll around the store and take our time. Honestly, the panic in the faces of some of these people was unbelievable. The storm isn't even supposed to start until tomorrow. Honestly, if you get that freaked out over a snow storm, perhaps you are living in the wrong part of the world.

Lucky for us, we know how to take a bit of snow in stride and we're home now, toasty warm and ready for whatever the weather throws at us tomorrow. It'll be pretty funny if it's all much ado about nothing.

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