Friday, January 11, 2008

we crawl

I had a good mail today. After Christmas, I found a guy on ebay who was selling accessories kits for the mp3 player Mark gave me. The gear arrived today and it's quite cool. One of the neater items (and the one we were most looking forward to arriving) is an FM Transmitter. I plugged the player into the lighter in the van and we could tune into the player using our radio.

It sounded pretty good. The stereo in our van is nothing to write home about it but still, it was nice and it worked. Sometimes when I order things on ebay and they are inexpensive like this stuff was, I worry that it won't be any good. This stuff was good, all of it. It fits my mp3 player (which is a Sansa e280) and it was a fabulous deal. I'm a happy kid right now.

In other happy Friday news, the Spree have released a new video from their Fragile Army LP. It's for the song "We Crawl" and it's lovely.

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