Wednesday, January 30, 2008

bella's here

We are once again dog sitting for our friends. The lovely Bella (a gorgeous and sweet natured Blue Tick Hound) is once again staying with us. This time, she'll be here for the entire month of February.

We looked after her for a couple of weeks in late November / early December. We'd never met Bella before that visit. We knew her owners' previous dog, Morgan, quite well (I'd known Morgan since she was a puppy) but Bella was a stranger to us. When she arrived in November, she was pretty nervous and it took her almost the first week to really chill into being here. It had to be odd, new people, a completely different place, city noise versus country quiet. I wasn't surprised.

Tonight though, she whimpered a tiny bit after Jamie dropped her off but it was really not long at all. Right now, she's sleeping in her basket. I placed it next to the furnace vent so she's toasty roasty warm. The house she lives in is a lovely log cabin on a remote lake north of here. They heat the house by wood stove so there are no blasting forced air hot spots to snuggle on. Her owners have gone to the Caribbean for a holiday. I guess she's sort of on one too, I joked with her owners that she's getting to spend a month in the warmth as well.

I'm so glad that she's here again, we really missed her.

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