Monday, January 14, 2008

baby check this out

Mark gives me a call each night after he's dropped the cab off. Once he's in our van, he calls me to let me know that he's en route to pick me up. He does this so I'm not waiting outside in shitty weather (if the weather is shitty - which it was a little today). Tonight when he called, I'd stepped away from my desk and he got my voice mail. In his message, he commented on how much happier I sounded in my outgoing message at nouveau job than I did at my old job. I was a bit surprised because I thought I sounded the same but then, I'm hearing it in my head and not in someone else's so what do I know. I think he's right though, I'm much happier now.

Of course, happiness can be sucked right out of you by the air in the mall. What is up with that? Tonight we finally went shopping for some new shoes for Mark. He noticed that one of the large department stores had their shoes on sale (from a flyer in the paper on the weekend). When we got to said store, the shelves were literally empty. We decided to check out a sporting good store which was in the same mall. I didn't expect to find much there because I thought it was one of those overpriced stores. Boy was I wrong!! Mark got two pairs of really nice, New Balance shoes for less than one pair at the department store.

The only down side of the whole thing was the air quality in the mall. We both felt oxygen deprived and a little nauseous. I still feel weird right now, itchy and off. Not a great description I know but that's what it feels like.

Thank goodness for TMBG. They are helping me screw my head back on straight.

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greenhousegal said...

Hey Mark-I just got new NB shoes last week-I had my other pair for nearly 3 years and walked in them every day-they are the best quality. Happy Feet to you.