Wednesday, January 16, 2008

figuring stuff out

figuring stuff out
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I have been on a steep learning curve when it comes to the MP3 player I got for Christmas. When I first got it, I just plugged it in, threw a bunch of stuff on it and thought that was it.

Boy was I wrong.

When I deleted stuff off of the unit, it didn't delete from the menu on the player. I found a firmware update for it, got some accessories in the mail (like a charger that works independent of a USB connection) and spent several hours on the weekend learning about syncing stuff. Boy did the thing work better once I figured out how to use the correct tools.

No tool am I any longer. It sounds better, the songs which are actually on the player are actually listed on the menu and I can play it over the stereo in the van without it sounding like poopie. All is well in the tune department again.

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