Wednesday, January 23, 2008


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The fancy ass hockey rink that they are building here in town is supposedly almost ready to open. It is not something I've supported in it's current format. When the city council first started talking about it, the complex would actually be a conference facility with restaurants, hotel rooms, meeting space and some sports space thrown because in Kingston, you can always use another pad of ice.

It's a bit of a white elephant and I think it's caused a fair bit of division here in our tiny town. The thing is scheduled to open next month. The folks running the joint are announcing some upcoming concerts. Now I have said all along, that it would be highly unlike if anyone I actually liked enough to go see would play in this new barn.

So one of the "big shows" that have been announced is a concert by that infamous sk8tr grl from the west end of town. I mention this because Mark had one of the great minds of our nation in his cab today. The guy says to Mark, all serious like, "yanno why that Avril Lavigne show will sell out at the LVEC?" Mark doesn't really say anything so the fellow says, "Cuz EVERYONE in Napanee will go to that show, fer shure!"

Well now, why didn't I think of that!? If you want to sell out a hockey rink, every week, just keep booking "home town" acts that can sell the place out with their friends and neighbours. I think that just makes sense.

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