Sunday, January 06, 2008


On my last day of work before the holidays, as a reflex, I threw my office keys into my bookbag. A few days ago, I realized that I still had them. I'm starting a new job tomorrow so I won't be needing them anymore. I stopped by the office over the weekend to drop them off (just leave them on my old boss' desk). It felt very strange to be in the building, knowing that I wouldn't be working there on Monday. I've been working in the same building since June 1996 (although I've worked in several different rooms in the building) so it may feel a little weird tomorrow.

Probably it won't though. I'm excited. I have a bag of "desk stuff" all packed up to take in with me tomorrow. When I started bringing stuff home with me in the days leading up to the holidays, I was a little surprised at how much stuff I'd accumulated. Given that I've had many office moves over the years, I travel pretty light compared to some folks but still, it piles up.

So tomorrow is kind of like the start of the new year for me. New year, new job. I'm happy about it. I'm really looking forward to it actually.

On a completely unrelated topic, tonight, Mark and I watched the season premiere of "Law and Order." I was happy to see the dreamy Jeremy Sisto join the cast but during the first half of the show (it was really two episodes aired together), one of the victim's names made me giggle every time I heard it. I couldn't help but think of "Towel Room Locker Fights: The Blinding of Larry Driscoll" from the Simpsons. I'm a child, I know. Bite me.

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