Tuesday, May 31, 2005

return of da idol

As I mentioned yesterday, we watched the first show of the new season of canadian idol last night. Now, I don't get into the american version because, quite frankly, if I can't vote, I'm not wasting my time on it. Mark and I generally like the audition episodes the best. The "bad" folks are the best part of it for me. For the past couple of summers, it's been a guilty pleasure for us.

Anyway, it's on again tonight and tomorrow. They are showing all of the audition shows this week and then they will air the top 100 eliminations next week. So far, unlike previous years, no one has jumped out and really impressed us. Now, I do understand that our musical tastes in general are eclectic and that normally, we don't listen to anything remotely "idol-ish" but still, I can appreciate a good voice when I hear one and I generally have a good idea about what makes a suitable "idol" candidate. Don't forget either that Mark and I easily and early, predicted the winners in 2003 and 2004. The best thing about da idol is that it comes on at about the same time the mosquitoes will drive you into the house in the evening so it's all good.

I think that we're both starting to get caught up on our sleep, not 100% but close. Poor old Joe is still feeling beaten up. He really did a number on himself. Tonight, my folks came by to drop off a jacket he had left at their place and to inspect the new paint and he stayed in bed, on his heating pad. I know that he's pretty bummed about the injury but he is feeling a little bit better every day. Healing just takes a little bit longer when your body is 80!

For you fish fans out there, I'm happy to report that removing the rocks has proven to be the solution to whatever problems there were in the tank. The water is beautiful and clear and the goldfish are frolicking all over the place. Roger is even jumping out of the water a little bit when you stand by the tank. They really didn't like those rocks and Roger's little protest was a good ploy. It got Mark's attention and he dealt with the problem, quickly. This morning when we got up (at 4:30 a.m. -- goodness that's sick!), the fish were all snoozing together, lined up in a corner at the bottom of the tank. They looked like the waltons or something. It was very cute.

I didn't unpack anything today and I plan to go, put my feet up and watch idol auditions part two. Exotic or what?? Are you jealous yet??

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