Saturday, May 21, 2005

we're in!!

Boy, I cannot get the smile off of my face!!

Now that we have seen the house totally empty (more or less)we can see how big it actually is. When we originally viewed it, and even Thursday night, there was so much crap everywhere that it was hard to get a sense of size in some of the rooms, particularly in the basement and in what will be my office. The basement and my laundry room are much larger than we had realized originally. We're going to have lots of room. Mark will basically take over the basement and do whatever he wants down there (he's picked out a workshop / computer room / office for himself and has designated another room the "rock room"). I'll be painting my laundry room and we'll have a gym area in the rec room. After living in a house which was built on a concrete slab, it's nice to have so much storage. We're determined to not let it turn into a dumping ground though. We want to organize the storage and make the most of it. This will allow us to keep the upstairs uncluttered and easier to clean (theoretically anyway).

Our meeting with our contractor went really well. Initially, we thought that we'd have them paint the kitchen and do the plumbing and electrical hook-ups for our new appliances. We talked it over with him though and he's going to bring a crew in to paint the rest of the house. They will prime the one bedroom (what will eventually be a guest room), paint Joe's room, our bedroom and bathroom, the living room, the ceiling in my office, and (of course) the kitchen. Today I have to pick colours and we have a tonne of errands to do but it's all good.

Also, today is Joe's 80th birthday. Can you believe it!!?? He didn't want much of a fuss so we're going to do a barbecue/dinner with my parents tonight. His twin is celebrating in Toronto with his family. It would have been nice to get them together but with the move and everything, it just didn't work out that way.

Anyway, I better hop in the shower so we can hit the stores. Yay, yay, yay!! I am sooooo happy right now!!

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