Wednesday, May 25, 2005

moving day

We were up before the birds this morning and I don't know if we'll be getting to sleep anytime soon. What a day it's been, a lot has been accomplished but now, there is so much left to do!

One of the first things we discovered this morning was that our phone number wouldn't be changing. A couple of weeks ago, when we went in to phone center to see about reconnecting our service, they told us that they couldn't guarantee that we'd have the same number. Apparently, you could be moving across the street and they can't guarantee it. Mark got kind of upset at the time but I looked at the rep and asked, "you have to say that, right?" She looked back at me without commenting but had a big huge honking grin on her face. I know that Joe was going through himself with worry about it. Honestly, if it weren't for him, we would have probably not bothered with a land line because we're pretty much using our cell phones all the time now anyway.

Another discovery we made today was that the cable service was never disconnected at the new house. Mark plugged in the digital cable box in his dad's room and voila, upper channels, no problem. Funny thing is, they must have had basic cable because some of the lower (i.e. "variety pack") channels aren't coming in but we're getting upper channels that we hadn't subscribed to (shhhhh ....don't tell anyway). Of course, that may change once the guy from the cable company arrives to "officially" hook us up but for now, at least Joe will be able to watch his beloved "Game Show Network."

The move itself went really smoothly. Of course, as you know, Mark and I moved all the weird/fragile stuff so the movers were left to schlep the heavy stuff (books and records mostly) from our storage locker and then get the furniture from the house. I met them at the locker at 8 a.m. and they were at our house before 9:30 a.m., not bad huh?? The whole move was over by 12:30 p.m. We used this particular moving company the last time we moved and I like that they are local. Today though, well let's just say that their attitude left a little to be desired. The guy driving the truck, who was generally "in charge" of the whole production, was a young lad named Henry. He was sweet as can be when they arrived at the locker, very polite and friendly. As I drove back to the house, I was pretty impressed with him. Once they arrived at the house though, his tone changed a bit. When I had booked them, I also booked those big wardrobe boxes for our clothes. When I asked him for the boxes, he muttered (loudly), "fuck!" and informed me that I "should have mentioned it to them before" because they had put all of our boxes in front of them on the truck. I informed him that it was on the contract and thought to myself "uh, duh, who taught you how to pack a truck, loser." They were able to fish one box out but I had enough stuff for at least three boxes -- hello, we're talking THREE closets here. In any event, they unloaded the truck at the new place by 12:15 p.m. Henry graciously agreed to go back to the house and help me fill the rest of the wardrobe boxes and explained that he wouldn't add the extra mileage or time to my bill. How nice huh??

Around the time I got back to the house and was paying the boys, the phone started ringing. It was the appliance company, my dishwasher was going to be arriving momentarily. I couldn't believe it, it had only taken a day for the back ordered dishwasher to arrive. A bit of panic set in though, DeeDee and Ryan were still painting our bedroom so our bedroom furniture was in the middle of the kitchen and I wasn't sure if there would be room in there for the dishwasher too. Fortunately, they were able to squeeze it in and I think it's going to be hooked up tomorrow (or Friday).

Mark was able to get off work early this afternoon so we scrambled to get Joe's room ready. We actually got his bed set up, his furniture arranged and all of his clothes unpacked. I even managed to put out his photos (they aren't on the walls yet -- afterall, they just finished putting the second coat on his room this morning at 6:30 a.m.). We picked him up at my mum & dad's this evening, around 8 p.m. or so. He literally fell into bed. He had seen the house briefly on Saturday morning and wasn't particularly interested in touring the place when he got home. He was pretty impressed at how his room was all set up. I think he thinks that the whole house is as organized Boy, he's in for a surprise in the morning!

Before we went to get Joe, we moved all of the perishable food over here from the old house. Tomorrow, I'll have to finish packing up the kitchen and bathroom and do a little bit of cleaning at the old place. I don't imagine that it will take me too long to do, I hope not anyway. Mark is going to hook my washer and dryer up tomorrow too so I'll be able to do laundry again too. It's slowly coming together. I'm just so relieved to be here. If nothing else, at this moment in time, we have clean sheets on the bed, clean towels in the bathroom and socks and underwear for tomorrow. Sometimes you just have to be really happy to have the bare necessities of life, huh??

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