Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sunday update

Picking the paint colours was easier than I imagined it would be. Mark and I had already sort of figured out what we wanted in the living room and Joe had a definite colour in mind for his room (a really nice light blue). The colour we chose for our living room / hallway is called "Distant Mountain" and it's a beige tone. The kitchen, master bath and all of the trim and molding (and doors) will be painted with high gloss white. Today the ceilings were painted and some of the priming started.

Because the carpet in our bedroom is hunter green, we've chosen a colour called "Canterbury Green" for the walls. With all of the white trim and molding, it should look really nice. I'm really impressed with all of the windows in this house. They are huge and we get a fabulous breeze blowing through the place, all the time. Even though it has central air, we may not have to run it much except for when it's really muggy.

Yesterday, we spent a small fortune at Rona. We needed new toilet seats for each bathroom, a new hood for the stove (a really sweet looking black one -- it's 220 cfm and so quiet!). We splurged out and picked up new faucets for both washrooms and for the kitchen. All of the taps were in pretty crappy shape and we really love this one particular style (we had put the same style into our old bathroom last summer) so we got the same thing for each bathroom. The kitchen sink had, at one time, one of those little salad sprayer things but it wasn't connected. We picked up a really nice faucet, with a high neck on the tap, with a salad sprayer. When Pat, our contractor, is doing the plumbing hook-up for our new dishwasher, he will install that as well. It's going to look really good when they are in!! We also picked up two ceiling fans (to replace the ones in the living room and the kitchen) and two new fixtures (for the front foyer and the hallway between the living room and the kitchen). They are a brushed chrome and should look very nice. I picked up a similar style sconce for my office as the fixture in there was an old bathroom light (not nice!).

fish story

I'm not sure if I mentioned this when we first viewed the house but, there was a small tank with some goldfish in it at the time. Mark loves fish and had a tank when he lived in Toronto. He was immediately drawn to the fish because the tank was filthy and the five goldfish seemed to be really unhappy. When we went back for our final walk-through on Thursday, the fish were still there. The lady who owned the house asked Mark if he'd like the fish (if her son's ended up not moving them). We said yes and, when we got in Friday, they were there. Of course, the filter was not working and the tank was still murky. Friday night, we went to the pet store and picked up a new filter, some new gravel, an air pump and a bunch of other stuff that I don't really understand (cuz I'm new to all of this fish stuff).

Yesterday, when we were out doing errands, we picked up two little catfish (apparently they like to eat the crap in the tank so they will be well fed for a while anyway). The tank is really clearing up and the fish seem happy. They say that fish are lucky and it seems like they are bringing us lots of good luck so far. I've been taking some pictures of the house, and of the fish, with my camera phone. I'm not sure where my big digital is at the moment so the quality isn't fabulous but it does give a good idea of what the place looks like. Just click on the flickr button over yonder to check them out.

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