Tuesday, May 24, 2005

our last night

This is the last night that we'll spend in this house. Note that I no longer call it home. It actually hasn't been home for a while. Once we moved back in, after the renovations were finished, it felt more like a hotel than a home. A hotel is actually more "homey" than our place though, we haven't had any pictures on the walls, or books or cd's out for almost two months now.

Our new place is looking terrific. The paint is done in the living room. They will be doing some touch-ups tomorrow and installing our new light fixtures. I can't get over how well the colour turned out. Last night, we discovered that we could remove the wooden inserts from our living room window. I accidentally pulled them out of the window in Joe's room last night while I was closing it. The frame thing seemed lose so I yanked. It popped right out. This encouraged me because both Mark and I hated the stupid things. They seem to block out a lot of light. When I removed them from the living room windows, it made an immediate difference. It looked like a different room and the appearance of the outside of the house was changed too.

The painting in the kitchen is also done. We're having a new ceiling fan installed but haven't chosen an over the sink fixture yet. We'll probably find something at IKEA on our next trip to Ottawa. We decided to paint the kitchen high gloss white, just stark white. The flooring and tile back-splash in this kitchen is black so the white looks great by contrast. Our new fridge and stove arrived today. They look so good. Our dishwasher is back-ordered. Apparently it was damaged in shipping. Hopefully it'll come in next week.

Tomorrow morning, our bedroom will get painted and Joe's room will get a second coat. The house looks so much brighter and cleaner than it did when we took possession on Friday. I had no idea that the lady who owned the house was a smoker. Once we got in and saw how yellow everything was, we realized that we had to more painting than we had originally anticipated. We're so lucky that our contractor was available to do it. I know that he hadn't planned on doing everything that we ended up asking him to do and he's been a wonderful sport about working through the whole long weekend.

Right now, Mark's painting our bathtub and I've just finished emptying out our pantry downstairs. I am not expecting that we'll get much sleep tonight but I don't care. I'm just looking forward to sleeping in our new home, tomorrow night!!

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