Wednesday, June 01, 2005

over caffeinated

In case you hadn't noticed, I have spent the past day or so, editing and posting all of the notes I took during our move. I wanted to keep a journal of events relating to the move but either couldn't or didn't get online to post them as they were happening. So, I apologize for the lack of posts followed by a barrage of them but, that happens sometimes in blog land!

Fish update: The tank is now as clear as it's ever been and the fish are great. I have never lived in a house with fish before and didn't realize how animated they can be. Also, since the tank has cleared up, it's really easy to see the detail on them. I know that they are just goldfish but they are really pretty and I'm glad that we ended up with this tank.

There have been a couple of rather large brush fires in this area over the past few days. Last night, after my folks' left, we had to go do an errand just north of here and I couldn't believe how much smoke there was. I took a couple of shots with my phone camera and will post them over on flickr later. I hope that this doesn't keep happening all summer. It's been really dry around here just recently. It's been almost two weeks (I think) since we've had any rain and they suspect that these fires are being caused by arson. It's going to be a scary summer around here if it keep up.

For the first time in days, I'm feeling better, more normal. This could be down to all of the coffee I've been drinking (after months of having none) or I may just be catching up with my sleep. The move really beat the crap out of me. June will be a less stressful, more fun month than May was I'm sure. On that note, I'll wish you all a happy hump day and say no more. I'm off to work now!

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