Friday, May 20, 2005

walk through

Last night, on the great advice our lawyer, we took a final "walk through" our new house. When we saw him on Wednesday, he suggested that we do it, just to make sure that there weren't big holes in the walls or any weird stuff going on. Afterall, if you need to get stuff fixed or whatever, it's easier to get them to do it before you hand over the cash. It was a good idea, as we expected, there were no problems with the house and we got to meet the lady who was selling it.

I was a little saddened to hear that she had been there for 25 years and was only selling it because she lost it in a bitter divorce. She was really nice and was obviously very house-proud so it couldn't have been easy for her. I know the place that she's moved to and it's a very nice apartment complex so that's something. At least she doesn't have a nasty sounding ex-husband bugging her ass anymore.

It makes the whole thing a little bittersweet. This has been such a great deal for us. I mean, we're getting a house that is about twice the size of the one we're in now, with many features that we are thrilled about and we're in a much better financial position now than we were two months ago. I'm still a little bit in shock about how much equity we had built up in our place in just four years.

On that note, Mark just called, he's on his way to pick me up. He has the keys to our new house and we're heading straight there. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!

Happy Victoria Day weekend kiddies!!

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