Monday, May 23, 2005

happy victoria day!

I hope that you had a nice one. During the first long weekend of the summer, us Canucks are supposed to put our feet up, drink a few beers, open the cottage and generally enjoy the arrival of nicer weather. This weekend has been anything but restful and I'm not complaining a bit.

At the moment, Mark and I are both pretty sore and tired. Yesterday, we rented a cargo van and moved all of the shed stuff, the loosely packed things, anything remotely fragile or strangely shaped. Today, we continued moving stuff and right now, the computer room is completely empty and Joe's room is almost packed up.

Tonight, we took Joe to my parent's place for two days. They have very graciously agreed to host him while we move. At 80 years of age, moving is pretty disruptive and I have no idea what we would have done with him in the middle of all of this chaos, had they not helped us out. I don't know that they will ever truly understand how grateful we are and how much this has helped us out but trust me, it has, big time.

The painting in the house is coming along nicely. It's looking just terrific and I'm really impressed with how much Pat's been able to get done in just two days. Yesterday, he had a couple of young lads helping him out with the priming, plastering and sanding. Today, he had a painter friend with him and the two of them were able to accomplish a lot.

Tomorrow, I want to get Joe's room totally done and finish packing up our bedroom. Most likely, the computer will be disconnected when I get up from this chair. I'm not sure how much time I'll have to write over the next few days but I will have my laptop with me so I should be able to take notes at least, even if I don't have a network connection.

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