Tuesday, May 10, 2005

lotsa lists

At times like this, I'm so glad that I am a list-maker. This is actually a valuable skill to possess when you're moving. There are so many things to do and remember, it can be a little overwhelming.

Last night, the rep from the moving company was at the house to give us a quote on the job. I'm budgeting more than what he quoted us but hopefully, I'll be wrong and he'll be right and I'll have saved $400.

Because the moving company is located very close to the place our stuff is being stored, I will meet the movers at the locker on the morning of the move. They'll load the truck with the boxes from there and then head over to our house to collect the rest of it. If all goes well, the move should be completed by mid-afternoon. It's almost hard to believe that we get our new house next Friday. In 10 days. yikes!

Our handyman is going to stop by on the day we take possession. We had hoped that he'd be able to do some work in our kitchen during the first couple of weeks we were there but it's looking like they will be there that first weekend, which is terrific news. Over the weekend, we went out and bought new appliances for our kitchen. We purchased this stove, this fridge and a Bosch dishwasher, all in black. We spent way more than I thought we would but we got all of the features that we wanted. Primarily, my hunny, who is a chef and does the vast majority of our cooking, wanted a gas stove. The house we're moving into doesn't have gas currently so we'll have to have the city bring it to the house before we can hook it up. Because the fridge we purchased is bigger than the "standard" sized one that is currently there, some cabinets in the kitchen will need to be moved. Also, some tiles will have be replaced at that time. He's going to do the tile, move the cabinets, do the plumbing for the fridge and dishwasher and paint the kitchen. It'll be so nice to get it done right away. A friend and I will be painting the living room, Joe's room and possibly, one of the extra bedrooms.

I'm so happy that we have an opportunity to get in and do some of these projects before we move in. I know from previous experience that if we don't do it right away, it gets too easy to just put it off. We really don't want to do this in the new place. Our first house taught us a lot. We're definitely approaching things differently this time out and I have a feeling that we'll be in this house for a while.

Tonight, we have to go get our utilities sorted out and after that, all we have left to do is sign the mortgage and lawyers papers. With any kind of luck, we'll have all of that done by this weekend and we'll have an entire week to pack up the rest of our stuff (which will never take a whole week). It's going well so far, I can't believe it!!

ps what in the hell was Renee thinking?? Honestly, this is more bizarre to me than when Lisa Marie Presley married Michael Jackson.

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