Thursday, September 30, 2004

more normal

The only benefit to getting sick or just generally feeling crappy is how good it feels to get back to normal. I think about this every time that I've been under the weather. This morning when I woke up, for the first time in a while, I felt not too bad. It's nice.

As I have mentioned before, I exercise each morning during the week, before I head into the office. This morning was no exception. I will admit that I moved a little more slowly than I normally would, due to my recovering from the previously mentioned mystery illness. I have also mentioned before that I watch Dr. Phil while I move my butt. This morning's episode was, at times, both infuriating and amusing. The good doctor and his lady wife interviewed the former governor of Texas and his librarian. He's such a putz, dub-ya. In keeping with Dr. Phil's theme of "family first," they discussed the charming Bush twins and what it was like to raise them. Much like he does anytime there is a camera shoved in his face, dub-ya picked one line that he liked and kept repeating it, ad nauseum, throughout the course of the interview. In this case, his line was "ya gotta tell your kids you love 'em." Nothing controversial there is there? At the end of the interview (which had been taped at the fake-ranch in Crawford), Dr. Phil asked the audience for questions about the interview. They only actually aired two questions, both of which were pretty forgettable. While one woman stood up and asked her question, I noticed a lady sitting behind her, shaking her head strongly the whole time that the question woman was standing. You could tell that nodding lady was not a dub-ya supporter and was probably quite disgusted to have discovered, upon arriving at the studio, that she was going to be subjected to an hour of bush family values.

On the upside, next week, Dr. Phil and Robyn will be talking to John Kerry and Teresa Heinz-Kerry. I'm sure that a discussion with the Kerrys will make for far more interesting television.

One thing that made me smile today: Tonight's presidential debate. I'm really looking forward to watching Senator Kerry mop the floor with dub-ya. The little chimp won't know what to do or say without Cheney whispering in his ear or a teleprompter in front of him. It should be a good night!

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