Wednesday, September 15, 2004

idol chatter

So, tonight is the final night of da idol. We haven't been as glued to the tube this year as we were last year. I guess not having a hometown kid in the competition is the reason. Part of it, I think, is that generally, the talent pool was better this year. Of last week's top 3, we would have been happy to see any one of them take it. They're all good in their own way and we don't hate any one of them. Maybe that's the second time round thing. The judges knew better what to look for early on. Perhaps the country is getting smarter about voting. Either way, it's not really music that we enjoy to listen to but the competition is interesting to watch all the same.

pretty as a picture

Personally, I think Kalan has a better shot at it than Theresa, although I like Theresa more. From the beginning I thought the two of them, along with Brock, were the best singers in the bunch. In my opinion, Kalan lacks a sparkle that Theresa has in spades. He's very good, technically, but doesn't show much emotion. She's just so sweet and charming in a down-to-earth, "prairie girl" kind of way. I'd love to see her take the whole thing. Honestly though, whoever the winner is tomorrow night doesn't really matter. She's only one out of the entire top 10 who I can see having a sustainable career in music. Theresa's a very talented girl.

One thing that made me smile today: We had our dinner done, the dishes washed and put away and I'd put the ingredients for a loaf of 12 grain bread into the bread machine before 6:15 p.m. tonight. We actually had time to go out and do a few errands tonight after dinner (which is something we almost never have time to do). I even had time to blog a bit before da idol started. How's that for time management??

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