Friday, October 01, 2004

the morning after

Oh my goodness but I'm tired today. Pooped totally. The lack of sleep was totally worth it: we stayed up over 2 hours later than normal to watch the debate last night. When we finally did go to bed, I had weird dreams about politics and house parties in our kitchen all night. It was very odd.

At times, I found the whole debate to be very frustrating. As I expected, as he usually does, dub-ya behaved badly. I thought that his posture was horrible and that he was so busy being defensive and sticking to two or three talking points that he missed the whole point of the debate. At the same time, I thought that John Kerry did a fine job of making his points about foreign policy, the war in Iraq and security, when and where he could. Bush was behaving badly, like a spoiled little brat who had a pout on because he wasn't getting his own way.

We watched the whole thing on PBS so I'm not sure how the other networks covered it last night. PBS seemed to stick to the "rules" as they had been laid out but I'm sure that other networks showed split screen shots of both candidates. I'm not an expert on these things and goodness knows that a) I have disliked dub-ya for a long time; b) have been against the war in Iraq from the beginning and c) am a fan of John Kerry's but, all of that aside, it seems like the good Senator came out on top last night. He definitely was cooler, calmer and much better prepared than his opponent. I am sure that the folks who work with him are thrilled to bits about the debate.

For the first time in a long time, possibly ever, I'm looking forward to the vice-presidential debate next week.

One thing that made me smile today: It's finally Friday!

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