Thursday, September 09, 2004

more work stuff

Actually, I'm not bitching. Not much anyway. Things are settling down and I'm accomplishing a lot today. We have one more round of office moves tomorrow and I've been responsible for coordinating that. Once that's done (hopefully around this time tomorrow), I'll feel much better.

Anyway, I'm a couple of days late but here's the TV Tuesday for this week:

TV Tuesday - Week 22 - Kid Shows

1. When you were a kid what was (or is if you're still a kid LOL) your favorite show?

It would vary, from year to year. Consistently though, I was a huge fan of both the Flintstones (which is not really a kids show) and Sesame Street throughout my entire childhood.

2. What is the silliest kids show you've ever seen? (You can use stupidest, most outrageous, worst, etc if you prefer!)

Silliest was probably "You Can't Do That on Television," which was made, just up the road from here in Ottawa. It had a good gross-out factor for kids and it was usually pretty funny (unfortunately, it doesn't hold up for me anyway).

3. If you could be any character in a kids show (past or present) who would you be? Why?

I think it would be cool to be Big Bird, from Sesame Street. He's totally tall and can see over everyone and he seems really nice and sweet and loved by everyone.

One thing that made me smile today: Living on the top of a hill. Today, we're getting the tail-end of Hurricane Frances. It's been raining heavily all day and there is flooding all over town. I work in a basement but we're also at the top of a hill here so I'm not too worried about it. Given how hard it's been raining, and how long it's been coming down (about 8 hours now), I really appreciate how lucky we are to not live in a hurricane belt. I'll take the snow over hurricanes any day of the week.

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