Thursday, September 23, 2004

summer again

It was actually hot today, and humid, and summer like. It was great. I had the first session of a 16 week web-creation course today. It was very very basic and I don't think I'll really be learning anything new until we hit about week 5 or 6 but, I will have a certificate at the end of it and it's something I'm glad that I've got an opportunity to do right now. The instructor seems really great and I'm taking it with two people I know so it should be fun as well.

Today I actually felt a little better, better than I had all week. Hopefully this means that whatever I've been fighting has passed. I do know that I've slept very well the past couple of nights and have so far avoided having to take any cold meds or the like so maybe I'm on the mend.

After work tonight, we went out and did a bunch of errands. Groceries and the like. The stores weren't actually too busy and it wasn't a completely horrendous process, for a switch. I have plans to see some friends this weekend for a barbecue so I've been trying to get as many of my weekend chore / errands type of things out of the way so I can take Saturday off. So far it's going pretty well and, at most, I might have a couple of loads of laundry to do over the weekend but hopefully not much else. I probably shouldn't say anything touch wood but I'm starting to get back into a routine at home again and am feeling organized for the first time in a looooong time. I'm one of those folks who really needs that or I feel really frazzled. I'm not getting my hopes up too high but it would be really nice if I could start to feel more organized at the office at well. I know that this is like asking for a small miracle but you never know huh?? Stranger things have been known to happen.

One thing that made me smile today: Team America: World Police. Mark is a huge fan of Thunderbirds and Supercar. Recently, we've been watching the old Thunderbirds shows on YTV and BBC for Kids. They're so cheesey and wonderful that they always make me laugh my ass off. Anyway, we saw and ad tonight for Team America: World Police and cannot wait to see it, supermarionation AND the South Park team, how can you go wrong??

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