Thursday, September 02, 2004

Convention Idols

All summer we've watched da Idol, half-heartedly. At the beginning of the top 10 competitions, I told Mark that Kalan, Jacob & Theresa would end up in the top three. Right now, they are in the top 4 so we'll see.

We didn't watch da Idol at all the week of the DNC. During the Democratic Convention, we were glued to C-Span. Unfortunately, we've not been able to stomach much of the republican convention this week. Both of us end up hollering at the TV and throwing the remote in disgust. It's tough to hear so much hatred and so many lies. It's pretty disgusting what they have had to resort to without a strong record to stand on. I heard it referred to as a "pit of hate" on the radio today, it sure seems to be an accurate way to describe it.

Sad but true.

One thing that made me smile today: Having lunch with Mark. He wasn't working today so he came down to campus and we had a picnic by the lake. Ordinarily, I eat my lunch at my desk so getting away from the office and sitting by the water felt really good. The sun was warm but it wasn't too hot and it was pretty cool to watch the sail boats go by.

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