Friday, April 30, 2004

happy weekend

I have not been so happy to see a weekend arrive in a long time. I was given a jump start on it too. We had a staff appreciation type luncheon this afternoon and our director told us all to get lost for the rest of the day. As I have mentioned before, our office is in the midst of a major restructuring and a lot of what we've been working toward starts next week. Over the month of May, I'll be handing off the job I've done for 8 years and be starting a new job.

When I first found out about it, I was not entirely sure that I liked it. I mean, I liked the other folks in the team I was going to be working in but I really love what I'm doing now and my old boss was amazing. Unforunately for me but fortunately for her, she's moved on to greener pastures. Since she's been gone it's not been the same. The work is still challenging and rewarding but it's been really stressful looking after things on my own. Ideally, I'd love to dump all of my old stuff off on the new people and jump right into my new job with both feet but I don't see that happening. I know that there are a couple of projects that I'll need to finish up, probably I'll be doing that at the same time I'm starting my new job.

The whole transitioning process has been extremely stressful. Finally, today, I found out where I'd be moving to (physically I mean, I've known what my new job is since mid-February) and I'm really happy about that. Some of the folks in our department will be moving to different departments entirely so our Director wanted the "old gang" to get together one last time. We had a lovely lunch and a nice visit and now I'm at home.

It's really quiet here right now. Mark's dad is having a nap and I've actually had 10 minutes to get caught up on some stuff of my own. Stuff that I normally do for myself has been shoved to the back burner all week. I have some things to work on around here with Joe this weekend but I'm hoping that the bulk of my time can be spent on stuff I need to do for us. Sometimes we all need to be a little selfish.

Anyway, errands and "me" time aside, I don't have much planned for the weekend so I'm looking forward to painting my toes and putting my feet up. Hope you can all find some down time for yourselves too. Enjoy!!

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