Sunday, April 11, 2004

weekend wrap-up

There was no way I could have gone out early enough yesterday to avoid the nasty crowds. I was at Costco when it opened and it wasn't too terribly bad but the traffic was absolutely insane. The stores were weird too. I noticed that a lot of folks were just standing around visiting, blocking the aisles. I guess it was because folks were home from out of town. This created an odd phenomenon, when I was in Loblaws, there were huge line-ups at several of the cashiers. I only had three things so I scooted down toward the express check-outs. When I got close to the express, I noticed that two cashiers (of regular check-outs) were standing there waiting for customers. I guess folks were so caught up in gabbing that they didn't even see a quick escape route!! By the time I got home at 11 a.m. I had had enough. There is something about shopping in suburbia that is just a little bit disturbing to me.

We're not religious at all but we had easter dinner at my folks today. It was nice to see them and it was the first time that we had gotten together like this since Christmas. I had a nice visit with my mum and the guys watched the Masters on tv. Poor Mark was struggling to stay awake through it all but my dad and his dad are big golf fans so they were really into it. We both struggled to stay awake actually. I think part of it is the cold thing and the other was the temperature at mum & dad's. They have a green house on the back of their house and we were eating during the sunniest part of the day so the back of the house was like an oven.

Other than that though, we didn't do too much today. Mark's birthday is on Wednesday. Since we're both working on his actual birthday, I gave him his birthday gifts last night (I got him a DVD burner amongst other things). He got the burner installed but I don't think he's burned anything with it yet. I also got him Red Dwarf Series 1 & 2 on DVD and Ab Fab Series 1-3. We basically spent the entire morning laughing our asses off.

I had thought that I'd have gotten into the garden this weekend but it was just too cold. I'm sure that by next weekend it'll have warmed up enough to get out there and rake. I noticed yesterday that our neighbours were raking their yard and they looked totally frozen the whole time they were out there. I know it can wait, the lawn isn't going anywhere I don't think.

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