Monday, April 26, 2004

Done but not dusted

The move is over. The giving away stuff is at my mum's place (all piled up in the garage, my dad gasped when he saw how much there was) and his stuff is here.

Last night, we got his room semi-sorted out. We set up a bed in there (he's ordered a new one but it's not in yet) and it was cleaned. Mark installed a new closet organizer and a really nice "hugger" ceiling fan too. Right now, his TV is being hooked up and he'll be able to go up to sleep in a few minutes.

This morning, I picked him up and brought him back over here so that he wouldn't have to be in the middle of the chaos. Mark was able to finish work early so we changed the booking on the truck from 4 p.m. to 2 p.m. This made a huge difference. We had the truck loaded by 4:30 and were back here unloading (after delivering stuff to my mum's) by 6:15. It went really well but we're kind of pooped.

The downstairs looks like a furniture store threw up all over it but I know we will be able to sort it all out tomorrow. The main thing right now is that everyone can find a clear path to a bed and I know that we have that covered at the moment!

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