Saturday, May 01, 2004

sunny saturday

It's actually a little hazy right now. It's sticky warm, humid. This is extremely strange as we had snow on the ground on Wednesday morning.

I just got home from almost 3 hours of errands. I didn't think that I'd been gone that long but apparently I was. I think that the nice weather has forced everyone outside and into the garden centres. The traffic was horrible and I'm glad to be home.

By the way, it's officially almost summer because I actually painted my toes yesterday. Anyway...onto yummier things like Pocky:

Chocolate Pocky! You're pretty normal actually.
Pretty blah, but still tasty, and you know how
to have a good time, even if those snobs out
there ARE riding around in their ferraris going
115 mph, chomping on those perverted banana

What Kind of Pocky are You?
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