Sunday, April 25, 2004

whirling weekend

I'm in the middle of a long weekend right now. I'm scheduled to be off from work tomorrow and Tuesday. I had to move a lot of stuff around to do it but it needed to be done.

We're finally moving Mark's dad in with us. Originally, we had intended to use this weekend as a prep weekend. We planned to move him around the middle of May (he has his apartment until the end of May). I got thinking about it and looking at my work schedule and realized that we might we as well do it while I'm on this long weekend and get it over with. I sprung it on him yesterday and he was a little surprised at the suggestion but I think he's coming around.

My mum helped me pack up his kitchen as we're donating the bulk of his stuff to her church. The Knights of Columbus have a huge garage sale every year and we figured that it would be nicer to give to the stuff to them this time, instead of to goodwill (like we usually do). We'll take all the stuff out to her place when we actually get him out of the apartment and the Knights will pick it up from there. It's looking like they will be getting a lot of stuff. It's all perfectly good stuff too, he just doesn't need it anymore.

We're going back over there this afternoon to tidy a few things up. I have managed to book a truck for tomorrow afternoon so keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't rain. It would so nice to have this all done (at least the move part of it) by tomorrow!! Wish me luck!!

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