Saturday, March 22, 2008

here comes the sam

introducing sam
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At the end of day two with Sam in the house, things are going much better. We only had one very teensy accident this morning and we even went out for a bit.

Mark went out and did errands this morning while I stayed home with Sam. Later on, this afternoon, we went out together and left Sam in the kitchen. This is what we'll do when we're at work next week. It's a really large, sunny room and his bed and his toys and water and stuff are there. it's also probably the best place to be in case he has another accident because almost all of our house is carpeted (except for the bathrooms, kitchen and my office).

He was very good when we left and was super excited to see us when we returned. All in all, next week shouldn't be too bad. Fortunately, Mark is able to come in the middle of the day which I'm sure will help too.

We're all getting used to each other and I don't know if he's having as much as we are but I think he's enjoying his new surroundings so far.

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