Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Cat Puppet

Cat Puppet
Originally uploaded by Fleurette Jardin
How cute is this puppet?

My mum made it for my cousin's daughter and I think that it is absolutely adorable.

Today flew by very very quickly. I was surprised actually. It was a super good kind of busy at work which I always like. Busy is always better than not, for me anyway.

I've been alternatively amusing and irritating myself by reading this page today: http://www.kcal.ca/. It's really too late to do much about the stupid thing except complain (which we do) but really, it's sort of like picking at a scab. It doesn't help and it can make you feel worse. When I'm not feeling bad though, I am amused so, there is something to said for that.

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greenhousegal said...

Thank you! I am making an orange monkey puppet now....will post photo soon.