Saturday, March 29, 2008

giant sleeping fur ball

giant sleeping fur ball
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it's been a busy couple of days around here.

on Thursday, poor Sam was sick. Well, not sick so much as inconvenienced. When we went out in the morning for a poo, he was constipated and was really whiney and obviously in discomfort. Eventually, with the help of some olive oil and extra food, we were able to get things moving. The culprit was a piece of string, most likely ingested during the great living room fiasco of the day before.

Mark stayed home with him during the morning and eventually everything was okay although a bath happened in the process. Mark discovered that Sam loves baths so that's something at least.

Yesterday, poor Mark was sick. His kidney stone (the last one!) is on the move again and is causing him to experience all kinds of back pain. He's on the heating pad right now and that seems to be helping.

Anyway, we're up early this morning because Sam is finally on our work routine and that means everyone is up at 5! I'm thinking that later on, it's naps for everyone!!

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