Thursday, March 20, 2008

bye ani

alex and ani
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so sadly, our sick little oranda, Ani, died today.

We are pretty sure she had dropsy. She puffed up like a pine cone and we just didn't get a chance to treat it in time. The puffiness eventually went down but by the time it did, she was really weak and had a tough time keeping herself upright.

Last night, she didn't eat much supper and I knew that the end was close. When Mark got home this afternoon, she'd gone. She was an awesome little fishie but she started to grow these strange bumps on her head about a year or so ago and once that happened, we noticed some changes in her behaviour. The bumps also affected her balance.

I'm just really glad that she's not suffering anymore because it was really shitty to see her so unhappy and have all of our efforts not make a difference.

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