Monday, March 17, 2008

grandfather clocks

When you were a young child in school, do you remember learning that old song about grandfather clocks? You may have learned it on the playground, or in the classroom. I cannot recall where I learned it but I know that the imagery of that song made a lasting impression on my young mind. Even though the song was sort of sad, because at the end of it, the grandfather passed away, the idea that grandfather clocks were something long lasting, well built, sturdy and strong, stayed with me.

Over the weekend, we did some shopping. It was the first weekend in I can’t remember how long, that we didn’t have a big storm. Given that the sun was shining and it felt spring-like, I started thinking about redecorating again. I even started up another of my famous “wish lists.” The list contains things that need that need to be done around the house as well as things which would be nice to do. Of course, on the “nice to do” list is always purchase some new furniture pieces. I like wandering through furniture stores for ideas. I’ve also found that looking online is a valuable source of ideas too. Thinking back to the song about the grandfather clock, in my weekend search, I discovered that has a terrific selection of beautiful grandfather clocks on their website. I found a few that I really liked, which really suited our décor. I was impressed with the quality and the beauty of these clocks. I found two completely different Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks that I really liked. The black, contemporary style clock was just lovely. I got to thinking about how they would make a very unique wedding gift too. You never know I guess, when something from your past, like a childhood song, will inspire a new décor plan for your home.

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