Tuesday, March 25, 2008

sneaky smile

sneaky smile
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Today almost literally evaporated. Not like milk or a Nardwuar led band mind, but it disappeared quickly. I'm not upset about it though, it was nice to get home to Sam tonight. I can seriously get used to his super happy welcome!

Work was busy. I like the pace at the new job. Next week I'll have been in this job 3 months so maybe by then I can stop calling it the new job. Anyway, it was a spreadsheet heavy day for me and I felt a little bugg-eyed by mid-day.

Just as I was ready to leave, one of the lovely ladies from our contact centre called me and said that she had the police on the phone for me and that they were calling me about plumbing. I was startled for a second and then remembered that I'd left a message for a police officer about piping at an event (he's a piper, not a plumber). It's funny how differently folks can interpret the same phrase. Well, it's funny to me anyway!

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