Monday, March 31, 2008


earth hour 2008
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My weekend flew by. I had a really great, fun weekend. Despite the fact that he was feeling like hammered crap, Mark had fun too.

On Friday morning, well really in the night sometime Thursday, he woke up in excruciating pain from his kidney stone. While this is a horrible situation to be in, it's like a light at the end of a long tunnel. With the pain comes the knowledge that the stone will pass soon. Well, soonish I guess. He's still not passed it but he is feeling better. He also drank about a half a case of San Pellegrino water over the weekend.

Earth hour was interesting. We turned our computers off, televisions, lights. Now, we did not unplug the fish tanks filtration systems or the refrigerator but I think we did pretty good. Much better it would seem than some of our neighbours. We looked around the neighbourhood and saw many tvs on, fully lit up homes. It was a bit disappointing. We did our thing though, lit some candles and played with the puppy.

Oh yeah, the puppy. He continues to bring us much joy and lots of laughs. We're learning a lot from him too. On Saturday, we discovered that not only does he like to chase mice, he likes to catch them and then chew the little rubber thingy off of the wheel. Fortunately, the mouse still works but it was touch and go for a while! Things are moving up to higher shelves, he gets a kong full of peanut butter and a newspaper to shred when we go out in the mornings now. We're still figuring each other out but it's going really well so far, I think it's going well so far at least.

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