Thursday, March 13, 2008

watch out!

I saw this over on Sweetney's page:


She scored 19, I got 24. I wonder what a high score is?

It's sort of silly, kind of like those questions on "Moment of Truth" where they say, "if you knew you wouldn't get caught, would you rob a bank?" Of course, many folks would say yes because there is no consequence. Oh, except you probably would get caught (did all of those years of watching Lennie Briscoe teach us nothing!?) and you'd feel bad about it.

When we were in the grocery store last night, I could kicked a few 5 year olds, well not really them but their mothers, definitely. We stopped off on the way home for some bread and veggies and managed to get stuck in an icy rut outside the store. Fortunately, we were blocking the entire street so a whole bunch of people helped us out. It was really bananas because it just looked slushy and it was this huge frozen chunk of the road. Mark grabbed a cardboard box and shoved the cardboard under the wheels and I tried to back it up while all of these lovely men pushed on the van.

Once we got out of the rut (literally), we found a parking spot and ran into the store. It was full to the brim with women and large groups of children. Unfortunately, in the post-work clammer, most working folks, even those with children of their own don't want to witness this:

Mom: You can pick any juice you like.

Child: hands mum a 2 litre container of some juice

Mom: Oh, you aren't allowed to drink that one. Pick another.

Now, this scene was repeated 3 times until finally the kid got frustrated and the mom got the juice she wanted and put it into the cart. At one point, in the bread aisle, I was standing by myself, waiting for Mark. This mum with two really badly behaving little boys, was letting them go into the back room at the store (I'm guessing the restroom must be back there). Anyway, she looked at me and apologized (I guess she thought that their opening the door was holding me up - which it would have if I was going anywhere). When I didn't say anything, she gave me a dirty look and called me some name I couldn't quiet make out. Charming. Did I mention that she was also wearing some rancid perfume which just made my head pound (because I was feeling lousy already). Well, yeah, she was. So yeah, I could have kicked the asses of some kids last night but I think it would have felt way better to have kicked the asses of their parents.

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