Wednesday, March 12, 2008

so long friend

what's that?
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Bella went home last night. She stayed with us for almost 6 weeks and we were sad to see her go. It was pretty cute though, how excited she got when her owner arrived to pick her up. She's an awesome dog and we will miss her a tonne. Hopefully soon, we'll have our own puppy.

I ended up staying home from work yesterday. I felt totally crappy all day and was pretty sick again last night. This morning I went to work (and am still here now) but may leave a little early. I've had a fever and a headache all morning but didn't want to take anything for it, for fear of upsetting my stomach again.

Stomach seems settled now though so I took a pill and hopefully my head will clear. So yeah, that's all that is new with me. Over the past 24 hours I've slept a lot and watched several episodes of "In Treatment" on demand and literally, nothing else.

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