Monday, March 10, 2008

feather pencils

feather pencils
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Over the past few weeks, Mark and I have (I think) been giving each other the same cold. Back and forth, back and forth. That is to say, we both get feeling really shitty but never get actually down and out sick. A week or so ago, he passed a kidney stone and the days leading up to that were horrible for him. Now, I think we're through the cold / flu / sneezing / coughing / achey stuff. The cold blanket of snow may have flattened those particular germs out.

Today though, I've had a horrible stomach situation going on. It was going on this morning and then it started up again this afternoon. Stupidly, I ate dinner tonight (tofu and broccoli yum) and it set it off again. Wouldn't that just bite, getting through the winter without too horrible of a cold or anything, only to get a bad stomach situation thing now. I'm not amused and I'm in a great deal of discomfort.

That aside, today was a day of good news. I saw a photo of a friend's beautiful and soon-to-be officially adopted child and learned that an old friend has found a new love and is blissfully happy. I'm not a selfish person who can only find joy in good stuff happening to me. I can find a lot of joy when the folks I care about are totally blissed out and happy.

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